Healthy Vaping has arrived!

We started LIFESTIK™ to fill the gap between traditional nicotine-based vaping products and the natural health and wellness space. LIFESTIK™ is 100% organic, nicotine free, non-GMO vaping.

Because vaping allows delivery of any substance to the human body in under 15 seconds, it is the fastest and most effective way to intake any of the LIFESTIK™ proprietary organic blends.

LIFESTIK™ is designed as an all day solution.  Our LIFESTIK™ Energy is the perfect kickstart to your day, while LIFESTIK™ Focus will give you a midday boost to keep you going and on task.  As you wind down in the evening, LIFESTIK™ Calm or LIFESTIK™ Rest will lift away stress and prepare you for an optimal night’s sleep.

Or, maybe you had a little too much fun the night before? LIFESTIK™ Recover is the perfect remedy for that next-day feeling.  Whatever mood you want to create, LIFESTIK™ is there with the right blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, without the sugar and additives you don’t want.

Look for LIFESTIK™ on shelves Summer 2019.  Register below if you want updates and special offers during our launch.  Here’s to Healthy Vaping!


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